Realtor David Cottingham from with properties for sale in beautiful Fairwood, Washington.
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Tired of little payments-Want cash NOW?

David Cottingham
(425) 793-6234

David Cottingham

Tired of little payments-Want cash NOW?...

I also buy promissory notes secured by real estate.If you would rather be paid in full now,rather than wait years for payments to trickle in,or if you need to settle an estate.You will receive top dollar for note.Just like a purchase,you are 100% protected at every step.Call now for the details of this simple process.You won't be disappointed !

Services Offered:
If your receiving payments from real estate you sold but,now you want to be cashed out?.I can help.I will either buy it myself or I will find you a buyer.There are many reasons to change your financial direction.Maybe you can yield more from your investment if you had more capital right now.Perhaps you want to settle an estate matter or your just tired of little installments.I can get you all your money in weeks and you are completely protected.
Areas Served:
I have clientele in 6 states and I can assist anyone in all 50 of our states !!
I have 11 years of experience in the real estate development and contracting.If I can't help you,I'm going back to school.
testimonials can be supplied upon demand.!!!
Born and educated in Washington State.Self taught in the real estate industry.
Minimum commission and special rates apply.I am usually compensated by the end buyer.


David Cottingham
Fairwood, Washington
United States |

by cash4u on Oct 19, 2007
Phone: (425) 793-6234
Mobile:(206) 436-9626
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