Realtor Jeff Davis from John Burt GMAC with properties for sale in beautiful Lapeer, Michigan.
Thu. May 23  
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Jeff Davis 810-441-5777 John Burt GMAC
John Burt GMAC
Jeff Davis
(810) 441-5777

Jeff DavisJohn Burt GMAC

Jeff Davis 810-441-5777

"I can help you buy and/or sell any property anywhere."

Services Offered:
If you are sick of all the run around and are having trouble getting financed....I can help. If you need or want to sell your home but haven't been able to yet or just don't want to wait 9-12 months for your home to sell....I can help-I sold several homes in 2007 and 2008 in just weeks!!! If you are tired of driving around trying to find a nice home for sale....I can help. If you cannot pay your mortgage payments and owe more than you can sell your home for.....I can help. Even if you have received a foreclosure notice...I can help
Areas Served:
I can help you buy and sell any property anywhere...yes anywhere!!!!!
I have been in real estate for about a decade....I have been a real estate investor, buyer and seller, so I understand real estate from every angle.
I have recently helped several sellers sell their homes in a matter of weeks...yes even in this market.
I have learned about 10,000% more outside of "schooling", so I'd have to say I was mostly self teached ;p
I know your hoping that I will say my commission is about 0% but I'm not going to. Almost every one of my clients so far has told me that they were so happy with how smoothly and efficantly I performed the services that they were pleased with my broker's commission rate. Lately about 50% of my new clients have asked me to put a higher commission on the listing after hearing my unique methods of selling a home....seriously they do, that's not a sales pitch. Call and ask me why someone would do this and it's not just because I'm that lovable.


Jeff Davis
John Burt GMAC
Lapeer, Michigan
United States | Map
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by jeffdavis on Jan 3, 2008
Phone: (810) 441-5777
Mobile:(810) 441-5777
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