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Welcome to one of the America's most trusted Real Estate & Property destinations. With our free open listing service of properties for sale by owners (fsbo), by Preferred Realtors, Developers and Agents you'll find everything you need to support your next move.

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We take an active approach to bringing the best that real estate has to offer - together - under one roof. Empowering buyers, sellers, and agents with advanced features only available through the marketplace means you have global access to information, products and professional services on a real-time 24/7 basis.

Register today and begin to explore our marketplace where thousands of Americans on-the-move are finding new homes from "coast-to-coast" with just a few clicks of the mouse. We also offer helpful info. on moving quotes, house values, foreclosures, mortgages and Veterans looking to purchase a new home should take advantage of their VA home loan benefit.


"When someone had first suggested to us to place an ad to sell our Condo on the Internet, we did not think that it would work, as we felt it was just too broad and would not draw potential realestate buyers who would be available to us in our specific area or neighborhood. Our thought was that we would have to advertise through the local media publications, such as the New York Times, and Newsday. Until recently these publications were the only means available to advertising one's property for sale outside of the MLS realestate listings. These have generally produced results for most of the people we know. Our friends managed to persuade us to at least try an alternate method. We finally agreed to do an ad on the Internet and proceeded to write a description of our property, and then posted in on In the back of our minds, we did not really expect too much, or even anything to happen. Well, you would have had to see our faces to judge our reaction. We were really surprised when we started to get inquiries almost immediately. The initial emails eventually led to interviews with prospective buyers. Surprisingly enough, these were people who seemed genuinely serious about purchasing. At this point we can vouch for the fact that advertising on the Internet definitely helps, and in particular we found that, provided the best venue for us. They were prompt, courteous, professional, and did all they could to assist us in this matter, and most importantly, they produced results!

Ms. Michelle Poll,
New York.

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